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hp - Bill *sigh*
Ok, now it's not just dust, this journal actually has cobwebs all over it!

*does some heavy cleaning*

I don't even know if any of you still have me listed as a friend or follow me but OMG I NEED TO FANGIRL WITH SOMEONE!

We've known for a while that Star Wars episode VII is being made, and that Luke, Han, Leia & Co were coming back, but today they made the official cast announcement!

OBVIOUSLY, I'm excited about that, but being a HUGE Expanded Universe fan, and also a weird fan who likes the most obscure characters ever (though this one doesn't quite fit this description) I'm HYPERVENTILATING about the fact that they cast Domhnall Gleeson.

Yes, he was Bill Weasley (another favorite of mine - see icon above - in the HP series) but that's not why I'm going crazy.

He is a redhead.

Who ELSE am I crazy about who IS a redhead and IS a Star Wars character?

Mara Jade.

Who just HAPPENED to have a SON with Luke Skywalker, whom they called Ben Skywalker!!!

Coincidence? Most likely, but I'm hoping, no, PRAYING, it's not!!!!

I know, earlier this week they said that they wouldn't necessarily abide by the Expanded Universe, that it would continue to be non-canon, and only the movies, radio shows and I *think* video games would be canon, but hey also said that if they saw something they liked in the books they would used it.

So, here is me, hoping FERVENTLY that they decide to use Mara Jade (even if just in mention) and her son Ben Skywalker.

Yeah, I have no willpower
Glee - Kurtofsky
I actually started writing that fanfic I mentioned the other day - the one inspired by Glee's latest episode, Never Been Kissed. It's slash, so, it's not everyone's cup of coffe.

If anyone is interested, though, you can find it here!
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*blowing dust off her LiveJournal*
hp - rs mischief
Man, has it really been almost a WHOLE year since I posted here regularly??? I'm not even couting the 2 small posts I did on May...

Anyway, HI! Again... :P

I guess I could say life has been hectic - and it has - but not as much as last year or the year before... I just... I dunno, haven't felt like posting here lately. Twitter is quicker nowadays and easier for me to access and post - that's what happens when you have a Blackberry with a twitter client! :P

I should have posted about my two trips though - when I went to CELEBRATION V in August, and now in October when I went to NEW YORK (LOVE THAT CITY!!!) again and then to DISNEY WORLD for the first time in my life - not couting the Last Tour to Endor during CV. :P

Anyway, I have a very strong reason for coming back to LJ though! And no, it isn't related to Harry Potter - thought the fact that in one week from now we will see HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS - PART 1 on movie theaters has finally started to sink in and get me excited for it! :)

NO, actually, what I came to write here about is GLEE related. More especifically last night's episode. It wasn't my favorite episode - don't get me wrong, I liked the episode, it was all right - but one particular twist in the storyline got me hyped. SUPER hyped.

So much that I'm THIS close to writing. FANFIC. Again. And not just any fanfic, but SLASH FANFIC. Which I have only written ONCE before, and it was a very light R/S fic. Hence the R/S icon above. :)

But the story has tighten its grip SO HARD on my brain that I think I won't have a choice but to write it. And it's kinda graphic, which should make me worry and squirm, but it doesn't.

Heck, I think I lost all the naivete and sanity I still had! ;)

Anyway, want to know how that plot bunny sunk its teeth on my brain?

The answer is under this LJ-cut along with my review of last night's Glee episode Glee - Never been KissedCollapse )

*sigh* I feel better. Like 50% better. I guess I will only really calm down once I write that damn fic! XD

And this was a looooong post!

FIC: The Compatibility Conundrum (Sheldon/Amy, PG)
BBT - sheldon
Title: The Compatibility Conundrum
Author: therealmarajade
Rating: PG
Pairing: Sheldon/Amy (I believe it's their first EVER fic! ;))
Summary: What if Sheldon and Amy REALLY become an item? How would their, er, dynamics work? ;)
Word Count: 886
Disclaimer: I do not own any of this, even though I wish I did. At least Sheldon and Raj. :) I do this for fun, no copyright infringment intended, and I make absolutely no money from this. Reviews are highly appreciated, though! Beta by the WONDERFUL htbthomas, THANK YOU SO MUCH, B! :)


Read more...Collapse )
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Almost six months later...
superman - jason omfg
...I'm back!

Yeah, I know, it has been EONS since I last poster here - actually, my last post was CHRISTMAS LAST YEAR, but it seems so much longer...I blame it on Real Life, but also?


People have been migrating there, so very few had been posting/commenting here, and then *I* did the same. I got sucked into twitter-land. It's so easy to access and keep up with, it's at my thumb's reach in my blackberry, it has quick information, pretty much everyone who comments on my LJ here are also THERE...not to mention the fake impression that following celebrities on twitter makes them closer to us - but the other day? Jon Favreau DMed ME! XD

But back to the subject at hand: for everything mentioned beforehand, I eventually stopped posting at LJ. I also got lazy, and that sure didn't help. ;) I do miss it though. We can be more comprehensive here. We don't have to worry about spoilers because of lj-cut.

The problem is, I've been SO LONG away from LJ, that I have WAY too many updates in RL, in fandom life, et cetera, to post! I've been dreading to write a "catch up" post for months.

Yeah, I know, I could've just gave up and DON'T post it. But hey, my OCDness doesn't allow me to. :)

So, what happened to me in this the first semester of 2010?

1) Real Life:Collapse )

2) TV shows (possible SPOILERS under the cut!):
TBBTCollapse )

HIMYMCollapse )

ChuckCollapse )

CastleCollapse )

GleeCollapse )

SeekerCollapse )

3) New fandoms: yeah, like I didn't need new obsessions, I got new ones! Especially ONE, and it's all rjann's fault, so, he can't complain and have to endure through my obsession! ;P

SupernaturalCollapse )

VCollapse )

Percy JacksonCollapse )

Ok, I reeeeeally gotta go now, I've rambled long enough. See you all later - hopefully not as late as this post when compared to the last one! ;)

Obligatory Christmas post - also, my DECEMBER post!
Glee - Kurtofsky
Yeah, I know I've been away. Again, because of work, but that's just not all. After almost two years (I guess) complaining about twitter, I finally succumbed to its Dark Side a few months ago, and since it's WAY easier to update there - even more so with my BlackBerry 8350i from Nextel - I gradually stopped posting here. :( And since I rarely turn on my computer anymore - only once a week to *ahem* download and watch my TV shows - I haven't been to LJ as I used to.

However, I haven't completely forgotten about LJ! I'm just hoping that when Februrary comes, and my second and LAST medical residence ends, I will have more time to spend here. :) I think I'll probably have to trim my f-list a bit as well - I haven't read everybody in AGES, and over the course of the years I lost contact and common interests with lots of people - and COMMUNITIES - on my LJ, so, perhaps if I cut it down to a more managable size, it will be easier for me to read and keep up with LJ. So, if you still want to keep up with me and my ramblings, LET ME KNOW through a comment! :)

Anyway, moving on from such a glum subject, to happier ones!

First, tv shows! Spoiler-free reviews for the 2009-2010 seasons' first halves!

Legend of the Seeker continues to be a cracktastic previsible addictive show! Still love Richard, and Kallan, and them both together - all their UST makes me even more attached to the show, and I can't wait to see them FINALLY finding a loophole that will allow them to be together, sexually speaking! ;) I'm actually considering buying the books that inspired the series - though I've read that the last ones are not all that great.

Castle - Oh, Nathan Fillion, how I heart you so! I couldn't care less about the murders they investigate, it's all about Castle, his ADORABLE family - especially his brilliant daughter - Beckett and the other detectives interactions. Love them to tiny bits.

HIMYM: although the last episode was certainly dissapointing - probably because I LOATHE cigarrettes - I've been enjoying this season, especially Lily and Marshall. And Barney is always, you know, AWESOME and LEGEN-waitforit-DARY! They got to improve the way they're handling Robin, though.

Big Bang Theory is probably my favorite show monday night. Love them all - even Leonard who has been kinda annoying lately - but love them. Especially Sheldon (duh!) and Raj. The fact that I discovered Kunal on twitter has nothing to do with my love for Raj - I already loved him before - but it has certainly helped it. Also, I had to agree with Kunal regarding a certain Award nominations - how can they RESIST THE PARSON? XD In the shipper areas, I'm hooting for Howard and Bernadette - though Howard and Raj surely seem like an old married couple - and Leonard/Penny annoys me. I think I'm slowly falling to the Sheldon/Penny side, but I still can't totally see them as canon. SPOILER ALERTCollapse )


Oh, before I go - my boyfriend wants to kill me because I'm late for Christmas Eve Supper at his home - let me say what I came in here to say in the first place!

First, thanks alphabet26 for the Holiday Coupon!! :D I will ensure to finally sit and write a certain Angelina fic I've been meaning to write since Book 7 came out to properly thank you! ;)



Will come back later to gush about the symphony concert I went to last sunday in tribute to JOHN WILLIAMS with ET, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, SW and SUPERMAN (as a surprise in the very end) songs. Bye!

Glee: Wheels
Glee - Kurtofsky
Why can't I manage to be on vacation on all my jobs instead of only one? *sigh* Oh, well, at least my life it's not as hetic as usual!

So, my review of this week's series!

Glee - SPOILERSCollapse )

As for monday's shows - which I could only watch yesterday due to the blackout we experienced in Brazil on tuestday - I liked TBBT even though it was not their best, and also liked Castle. As for HIMYM...spoilersCollapse )

OH, also, watched the second season premiere of Legend of the Seeker. As fun and as entertaining as the first season, but nothing espetacular or out of the ordinary. :)

Oh, my...
Glee - Kurtofsky
Has it really been ONE MONTH since I updated?

I blame it all on twitter. And work as well - trying to be on two places at the same time has NOT been easy!

Anyway, I have four weeks of new shows to review!

HIMYMCollapse )

TBBTCollapse )

CastleCollapse )

GleeCollapse )
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Fall Spring premieres and Glee
Glee - Kurtofsky
Time for my week reviews! Spoilers under the cut, obviously!

HIMYMCollapse )

TBBTCollapse )

CastleCollapse )

GleeCollapse )

Ok, gotta run now, I'm late to meeting with rjann and friends!

Glee: Showmance
Glee - Kurtofsky
Just realized I have already seen the second Glee episode THREE times already but still haven't posted a review for it!

spoilers for Glee episode 2Collapse )

Is it wednesday yet?

Also! My boyfriend rjann showed me a couple of episodes form the series Lie to Me with Tim Roth. Quite interesting, if I might say so myself. Funny thing is that I kept annoyed with the fact that I knew two actors in it but couldn't for the life of me remember from where - and I found that out, thanks to tv.com and imdb.com

Kelli Williams was in The Practice, which I never actually watched but always saw the ad on tv, with gorgeous blue eyed Dylan McDermott in it. And Brendan Hines, HAH! Who would have thought - he was in Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles! Andy Goode himself!

I miss TSCC... *sigh*

Anyway, gotta go now...slightly new - and larger - Glee banner at my layout! :)


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